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5 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Start a Business in Dubai

Planning to start a business in Dubai? Here are some reasons why everyone wants to establish a credible company in this mega city.

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April 25, 2023

Dubai ranks highly among the top economies in the world. The Government of Dubai recently announced to double the size of the economy during the next decade, making the city an even more attractive proposition for expats and entrepreneurs looking to establish their ventures in the metropolis. 

However, starting a business in Dubai, especially in the free zone, involves an extensive registration and formation process. Therefore, most foreign entrepreneurs hire a local and experienced business setup consultant to help them with registration. 

Here are some reasons everyone wants to establish a venture in Dubai. 

Growing Economy 

Dubai is a welcoming city with a business-friendly environment, especially in the IFZA, that offers complete company ownership and exemplary tax policies. The city offers plenty of business opportunities regardless of your industry and budget. Dubai is growing exponentially, fuelled by the investor-friendly policies introduced by the government. With a growing population and access to global markets, Dubai will likely supersede all other major economies and become a global hub for trade and investment. 

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World-Class Infrastructure 

Dubai has built a world-class infrastructure that provides a viable and robust foundation for expats to grow their businesses. From state-of-the-art buildings, seamless transportation structure, trade zones, and corporate spaces to quality education and impeccable facilities, there’s nothing that Dubai doesn’t offer. This is probably one major reason everyone wants to start a business in Dubai. 

Strategic Location 

One of the most important aspects when setting up a business is its location. You may have a solid idea, a premium workforce, and a suitable investment, but if you don’t settle on a strategic location, you won’t be able to succeed. This is probably why Dubai outshines any other city in the Middle East. You could find plenty of spots that are ideal for business purposes. From the mainland to free zones such as the IFZA, the list of locations is endless. 

Access to Markets 

Another factor that makes Dubai highly desirable is its impeccable access to global markets. The city has emerged as a leading international centre for commerce. You will find major industrial players having a significant presence in the area. As a growing business, you can leverage such opportunities to build a solid company. 

Tax Exemptions 

UAE officially issued a federal decree-law on corporate tax at a 9 percent rate for taxable business profits exceeding AED 375,000 (€ 93,000). The new law was announced in December 2022 and is set to come into effect for financial years starting June 1, 2023. In comparison to Europe and North America this is rather low. UAE officially issued a federal decree-law on corporate tax at a 9 percent rate for taxable business

Setting Up a Business in IFZA, Dubai 

Planning on starting a business in Dubai? It is important to hire a company setup service in Dubai that can ensure a hassle-free and swift registration process. 

If you’re ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in IFZA and seek corporate services in Dubai to help you with the registration process, check out Capatt Services. As a leading company setup services provider in UAE, we can guide you through the IFZA company registration process

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