Benefits of Setting Up a Company in IFZA

Here are some benefits of a company set up in IFZA and why you should consider setting up a business in this lucrative free zone.

April 25, 2023
Benefits of Setting Up a Company in IFZA

The IFZA, or the International Free Zone Authority, was formed in 2018. It has slowly become the leading choice for expats looking to set up their businesses in Dubai. IFZA stands out from other free zones due to its plethora of advantages, strategic location, and international standards. 

Despite the various benefits of company setup in IFZA, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs to understand the complexities of setting up their businesses in the free zone. Therefore, many engage with experienced business setup consultants in Dubai who can help them with a swift registration process. 

That said, let's look at some of the benefits of setting up a business in IFZA, its requirements, and relevant licensing. 

Benefits of Starting a Business in IFZA Freezone

There are various benefits of the company set up in IFZA. Some of them are listed below: 

  • It is pretty cost-effective, and the process can be a breeze if you get the help of expert consultants such as Capatt Services, who have extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs set up their businesses in IFZA. 
  • The IFZA allows you to undertake various business activities under one licence. Very few jurisdictions offer the same level of adaptability and flexibility in conducting business as IFZA. 
  • IFZA offers Bank Account opening Support for Companies in the free zone .IFZA offers Bank Account opening Support for Companies in the free zone.
  • IFZA offers entrepreneurs the FZCO optionIFZA is just a 20-minute drive from the Dubai International Airport. Its world-class amenities and strategic location provide unique benefits. 
  • IFZA allows entrepreneurs to own 100% of any venture they plan to start in the jurisdiction.

Other Features of IFZA Business Setup 

Some other features and benefits of company setup in IFZA that stand out from the rest include: 

  • No physical presence required to start a business.
  • No paid-up share capital requirement. 
  • Offers seamless visa application and grant process for owners and employees. 
  • Permission to set up a virtual office. 

Licenses Offered by the IFZA

When starting a business in IFZA, Dubai, you can obtain a variety of licensure, such as: 

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License

Business owners can engage in  numerous commercial activities under one license. 

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Setting Up a Business in IFZA, Dubai 

Setting up a business in IFZA, Dubai, has a lot of amazing benefits. However, setting up a company and the subsequent registration process can be complicated. Hiring a company setup service in Dubai that can ensure a hassle-free and swift registration process is important. 

If you're ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in IFZA and seek corporate services in Dubai to help you with the registration process, check out Capatt Services. As a leading company setup services provider in UAE, we can provide comprehensive guidance on the IFZA company registration process

You can book a one-hour call with our experts for just 99 euros and get comprehensive answers to all your lingering questions. Experience Capatt Services today

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