Costs of setting up a company in the Free Zone in Dubai

Setting up a Company in Dubai Free Zone? Know the costs & requirements for setting up a company in IFZA, Dubai. Trade license, establishment card, office, bank account & more.

February 7, 2023

What are the costs of setting up a company in a Dubai Free Zone? This is the most frequently asked question and is quickly answered. Company formation with a 1 year licence and no visa licence costs from USD 3,200. To register a company in IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) in Dubai, a completed business application form and passport copy of the founder is required. After submitting the documents, the information and the applicant will be verified. If the application is accepted and the founder receives a notification from the Free Zone to electronically sign documents for company incorporation, the founder does not need to be present in Dubai to incorporate his company.

Why you need a Trade License and Establishment Card

To run a business in Dubai, you need a Trade License, which is issued by the authorities when you set up your company.
Do you also want to hire employees? Then you also need an Establishment Card. Only a company with an Establishment Card is allowed to issue visas and sponsor employees. In addition, the company buys a visa license for the number of visas it needs.
But before the application form is submitted, there are some elementary questions that need to be answered when setting up a company. If one does not have the answers clear, it could have a crucial impact on the licenses and costs. Such as: How many employees should be hired in the near future? Do I need an office or is a flexi desk enough? Do I still want to open a company bank account in the Arab Emirates? etc.

Plan and implement the future

If the business flourishes and you hire more than four employees, you need to rent an office with at least 16 m2 . If you also want to open a company bank account, you also need to have an office. These are just a few examples that should be taken into account when setting up a business. After all, everything that the founder adapts later and changes in the company licence costs extra. In order to keep the costs of setting up a company in a Dubai Free Zone like IFZA as low as possible, we are happy to support you.

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