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6 Best Regional Collaborations That Dubai Has Experienced 

Regional collaborations have positively impacted the business landscape in Dubai. If you’re considering doing a company setup in Dubai, learn about Dubai’s top regional collaborations beforehand. 

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July 28, 2023

Dubai, the glamorous city in the United Arab Emirates, is a paradise for expat tourists. With its stunning architecture, world-class shopping, and vibrant cultural scene, Dubai offers an unforgettable experience. The iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, offers breathtaking views. The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, boasts luxurious resorts and pristine beaches. The Dubai Mall, a shopper's delight, houses countless international brands. For thrill-seekers, the IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts provide exhilarating rides and entertainment. 

The Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Food Festival also showcase the city's diverse entertainment options. Dubai truly caters to the desires of expat tourists, making it a must-visit destination. Besides attracting tourists through destinations and events, Dubai is also focused on doing regional collaborations to boost its tourist-friendly and business-encouraging narrative. Regional collaborations play a vital role in fostering cooperation and development among neighboring countries. By working together, nations can address common challenges, promote economic growth, and enhance stability. 

These collaborations can involve various areas, such as trade agreements, infrastructure projects, and security alliances. They encourage cultural exchanges, knowledge sharing, and mutual understanding. Regional collaborations create a platform for countries to collectively tackle issues, pool resources, and achieve shared goals. Such partnerships contribute to peace, prosperity, and a stronger sense of unity in the region.

Expats who are considering doing a business setup in Dubai can use these collaborations to attract customers and boost revenue. Here are the best regional collaborations that Dubai has experienced in years. 

Ravi & Adidas 

Ravi Restaurant team members wearing adidas
Ravi & Adidas Collaboration

The collaboration between Ravi, a popular Pakistani restaurant, and Adidas caused quite a stir when it was announced in 2022. Ravi, known for its iconic status, joined forces with Adidas to create a limited edition sneaker collection that caught the attention of sneaker enthusiasts. The special edition Adidas Original Superstars featured Ravi's signature green and off-white colors, with the word ‘Ravi’ written in both Arabic and English on the back tab. The shoes were incredibly detailed, even including a hand-drawn map of the Ravi River in Northeast Pakistan on the sock liner. This unique collaboration attracted a lot of interest and created a buzz in the sneaker community.

This exciting collaboration combined Ravi's rich cultural heritage with Adidas' iconic sneaker design to create a unique and collectible item. The partnership highlighted the power of collaborations in bridging different industries and cultures. It showcased how brands can come together to create something that resonates with people and generates excitement. The Ravi x Adidas collaboration brought together fans of both brands, introducing them to new perspectives and celebrating the fusion of culinary and streetwear cultures.

The limited edition Ravi x Adidas sneakers became highly sought after, with sneaker-heads eagerly trying to get their hands on a pair. The distinctive design elements, such as the vibrant colors and the inclusion of cultural references, added to the appeal of these unique kicks. It was not just a shoe but a symbol of the fusion between Pakistani cuisine and sneaker culture, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This collaboration also highlighted the growing trend of cross-industry partnerships, where brands from different backgrounds join forces to create exciting and innovative products. By combining their expertise and unique identities, Ravi and Adidas demonstrated the power of collaboration in capturing the attention and imagination of consumers. It showcased how collaborations can be a win-win situation for both brands, allowing them to tap into new markets, reach diverse audiences, and create something special.

The Ravi x Adidas collaboration served as a reminder that creativity knows no boundaries and that unexpected partnerships can lead to remarkable results. It inspired other brands to think outside the box and explore potential collaborations that push the boundaries of traditional marketing and product development. This exciting venture between Ravi and Adidas will be remembered as a standout example of how brands can come together to create buzz, capture imaginations, and leave a lasting impact on the consumer landscape.

Pirate Surf Rescue & Nickelodeon 

Kids from Pirates surf in Dubai's shores during world oceans day.
Pirate Surf Rescue & Nickelodeon Collaboration

Pirate Surf Rescue and Nickelodeon have collaborated on several occasions to raise awareness about marine life near Dubai's shores. These collaborations usually occur during World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8. Together, they organize an exciting and educational event for children, teaching them about the beach environment and the significance of protecting our oceans.

This unique partnership combines the adventurous spirit of Pirate Surf Rescue with Nickelodeon's fun and engaging approach, creating an unforgettable experience for kids. Through interactive activities, children learn about marine conservation and the importance of preserving the delicate ecosystem of our oceans. The event emphasizes the need to care for our environment, teaching young minds to become responsible stewards of the seas.

The collaboration between Pirate Surf Rescue and Nickelodeon entertains children and empowers them with knowledge about marine life and the impact of human actions on our oceans. By making learning enjoyable and accessible, this partnership encourages a sense of environmental responsibility from an early age. It inspires children to become advocates for the conservation of marine ecosystems and fosters a love and appreciation for the natural world.

These joint efforts during World Oceans Day showcase the power of combining entertainment and education to raise awareness about important environmental issues. The collaboration  between Pirate Surf Rescue and Nickelodeon serves as a role model for other organizations, highlighting the positive impact they can have by leveraging their resources and reach to educate and inspire future generations.

Pirate Surf Rescue and Nickelodeon demonstrate the importance of working together to protect our oceans through their shared commitment to marine conservation. By engaging children in a fun and interactive manner, they create a lasting impact on the younger generation, instilling values of environmental stewardship and encouraging them to make a difference in preserving our precious marine life.

This collaboration is a testament to the significance of partnerships in promoting environmental consciousness and inspiring positive change. By joining forces, Pirate Surf Rescue and Nickelodeon amplify their message and contribute to building a sustainable future where our oceans thrive. Their combined efforts remind us that every action, no matter how small, can make a big difference in protecting our oceans and preserving the beauty of marine life for generations to come.

Emirates & Dior 

Dior beauty hub at Emirates HQ

Emirates, a renowned airline loved by travelers worldwide, has recently teamed up with the esteemed fashion brand Dior. This exciting collaboration brings forth the Emirates Beauty Hub at Emirates HQ, exclusively designed for the airline's cabin crew. The Beauty Hub serves as a dedicated space where cabin crew members can engage with Dior's specialized consultants to enhance their knowledge and skills in using Dior beauty products.

The Emirates Beauty Hub represents a significant step towards providing exceptional grooming and beauty training to the cabin crew. By partnering with Dior, Emirates aims to offer its crew members access to the latest beauty practices and expert advice. This collaboration highlights the airline's commitment to ensuring its cabin crew receives the best beauty guidance and stays up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Within the Emirates Beauty Hub, cabin crew members have the opportunity to consult with Dior's knowledgeable consultants. They can receive personalized advice on skin care routines, makeup application techniques, and product recommendations. This exclusive collaboration creates a unique space where Emirates cabin crew can learn and improve their beauty skills, enabling them to look and feel their best while representing the airline.

Huda Al Nuaimi & Waitrose

A Waitrose bag by Huda Al Nuaimi and Emarati designer on a table with paint and colors

Huda Al Nuaimi, an Emirati designer, is the creative force behind Nuaimi, a fashion brand that prioritizes sustainability. Her brand focuses on creating unique and environmentally-friendly items for women. In line with the UAE's efforts to raise awareness about reducing single-use plastic bags, grocery bags have become more than just practical items – they have become fashionable accessories. It was only a matter of time before a designer collaboration emerged, and Huda's collaboration with Waitrose perfectly fits the bill. Huda had the vision to design bags that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly, making this partnership a natural fit.

Huda Al Nuaimi's collaboration with Waitrose aims to address the growing need for fashion-forward, sustainable grocery bags. The collaboration brings together Huda's creative expertise and Waitrose's commitment to environmental responsibility. By combining fashion and eco-consciousness, they aim to offer customers a range of bags that are not only trendy but also contribute to reducing plastic waste.

The collaboration allows Huda Al Nuaimi to infuse her unique design aesthetic into the creation of grocery bags that align with Waitrose's values. The focus is on developing fashionable and practical bags, encouraging consumers to opt for reusable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. These bags serve as a statement piece, showcasing that sustainable choices can also be stylish.

Rascals & Confirmed Adidas

A man and a girl eating Rascals sandwiches while wearing adidas confirmed

Adidas joined forces with Rascals, a popular sandwich pop-up in Dubai that has gained a devoted following and now operates from Wasl Square. This collaboration took place in April, with Rascals Deli partnering with Adidas' Confirmed—a dedicated section within the brand's shop that offers exclusive releases and curated collections, including notable collaborations like Gucci x Adidas and the Bad Bunny collection. The collaboration showcased a limited edition sandwich called the ‘club sando,’ which was free to those who downloaded the Confirmed app.

The collaboration between Rascals and Adidas' Confirmed brought together the worlds of fashion and food, creating a unique and exciting experience for fans of both brands. The limited edition club sando became a sought-after item, reflecting the popularity and influence of both Rascals and Adidas in their respective domains.

The partnership highlighted the growing trend of brand collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries and provide customers exclusive offerings. By combining the appeal of a cult-following food establishment like Rascals with the exclusivity and curated collections of Adidas' Confirmed, the collaboration catered to the interests and desires of their shared audience.

The limited edition club sando created a buzz among food and fashion enthusiasts. It exemplified the creativity and innovation that can arise when brands collaborate, resulting in a unique product that resonates with consumers. The collaboration allowed fans to indulge in the pleasures of both fashion and food, showcasing the ability of brands to tap into different industries to create captivating experiences.

What’s On Dubai & Pitfire Pizza

Sprinkling chips Oman over a pitfire pizza during

When it comes to iconic duos, it's hard to top the dynamic partnership between What's On Dubai and Pitfire Pizza, which crafted a pizza that embodies the essence of Dubai. This special creation features traditional Dubai toppings, including succulent lamb kofta, a delightful sprinkle of fattoush salad, a drizzle of pomegranate molasses, and a dollop of creamy hummus, all crowned with the beloved Chips Oman. And the best part? You can savor this delectable pizza for just Dhs44, making it an irresistible treat for Dubai foodies.

The collaboration between What's On Dubai and Pitfire Pizza showcases the spirit of innovation and creativity in the culinary scene. Combining Dubai's local flavors with Pitfire Pizza's expertise in crafting delicious pies offers a truly unique dining experience. The pizza captures the essence of Dubai's vibrant food culture, blending traditional ingredients and beloved local favorites.

Through this collaboration, What's On Dubai and Pitfire Pizza bring a sense of excitement and novelty to Dubai's dining landscape. The partnership offers food lovers a chance to explore unique flavor combinations, showcasing the city's rich culinary heritage and its willingness to push boundaries. It also represents the essence of community, as locals and visitors can come together to enjoy this special pizza creation, fostering a sense of shared experiences and delight.

Start a Company Setup in Dubai 

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Reach out to them, do a Free Zone company setup in Dubai, and bask in the benefits of these regional collaborations! 

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