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Everything Expats Need to Know About the Dubai Culture

Dubai is becoming a hotbed for investors, entrepreneurs, and expats looking to set up their businesses in IFZA. Here’s a guide to Dubai’s culture for expats.

Published on
April 3, 2023

Thousands of expats are attracted to Dubai due to its vibrant culture, social scene, low taxes, and, of course, the plethora of business opportunities. The Dubai industrial strategy 2030 aims to establish the city as a knowledge-based, sustainable, and innovation-centric global hub. 

Furthermore, the introduction of new visas and the ability to set up companies in IFZA is encouraging people to move to this lively city. However, moving to a new city as an expat is always challenging because you must assimilate into the local culture. Here’s everything expats need to know about Dubai’s culture. 

Dubai in a Nutshell

It won’t be wrong to say that Dubai has become the central hub for tourism and attracts millions of tourists from Europe, the US, and other areas each year. You’d find extraordinary contemporary architecture and monumental buildings, including luxury hotels, lavish eateries, malls, and the famous Burj Khalifa. 

From luxurious lifestyles, glitzy nightlife, high-end shopping malls, and expensive cars to premium restaurants, there’s plenty that Dubai has to offer. With its burgeoning expat and business community, even those unable to witness the affluent lifestyle can experience the true essence of a vibrant and modern city. 

white and gray high rise buildings near body of water during daytime
Burj Khalifa

Features of The Dubai Culture 

Dubai is primarily influenced by the traditional Arab culture and Islamic customs. The influence of these factors on the city’s architecture, cuisine, music, attire, and other lifestyle aspects is quite prominent. 

The culture has considerably evolved in the last decade and is now considered the perfect fusion of the East and the West. Expats can experience the epitome of Arab culture by taking trips into the desert, exploring ancient artifacts in their museums, and consuming traditional food. 

On the other hand, they can also experience the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s nightlife, go shopping in some of the best malls in the world, and explore modern architecture. 

Setting Up Businesses 

Dubai is attracting a lot of entrepreneurs and expats looking to set up their businesses in the city. On January 4, 2023, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced a 10-year economic agenda to boost trade and investment in the city. With an ambitious $8.7 trillion economic plan, the ruler aims to position Dubai among the top three global cities in the world. 

There’s never been a better time to set up a business in the city, especially in the IFZA. However, establishing and operating your business in another city comes with its fair share of challenges, and you need a reliable consultant to help with all your company formation needs. 

Get Started with Capatt Services

If you’re looking for a reliable business consultant who can help you achieve your dream of moving to Dubai as an expat, and assist you with IFZA business setup, check out Capatt Services. The company provides comprehensive answers, personalized guidance, and support based on your unique needs and requirements. 

They can help with all your company setup needs, IFZA registration, and more. So book your call today and kickstart your move to Dubai! 

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