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Everything You Need to Know about New UAE Visa Rules 2023

Are you looking for information on the new UAE visa rules for 2023? Click here for details on UAE visa rules 2023.

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June 10, 2023

The UAE has become one of the most sought-after destinations for expatriates looking for new growth opportunities and a higher standard of living. The government constantly updates its visa rules to help aspiring expatriates fulfill their dreams in the UAE. We have compiled information on UAE visa rules 2023 to help streamline the visa application process for individuals looking to secure a UAE visa. 

UAE Visa Rules 2023

The Launch of a Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

The UAE has introduced a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa to increase international travel. With this new visa, travelers can visit the UAE frequently over five years for business, leisure, or other reasons. Individuals who often travel to the UAE will find this visa handy, and it will also motivate them to visit more frequently and take advantage of everything great the country has to offer. Moreover, this visa will also allow aspiring entrepreneurs to develop business connections and support the local economy.  

Students and Artists Visa

A student can stay in the UAE for studying, either under the sponsorship of his/her parent, who should be a resident of the UAE or under the sponsorship of the accredited university/college he/she is studying at.

Student Affairs offices at universities will facilitate the process to assist students with their visas.

A student visa is given for a duration of one year, at a time, renewable for a similar period upon proof of continuation of a study issued by the educational institute where the student is studying.

Expatriate residents can sponsor their male child/children up to the age of 25.


Foreign Student in the UAE
Foreign Student in the UAE

Changes in Visa Sponsorships

The UAE has changed the sponsorship framework to reduce complexity and streamline the visa sponsorship procedure. These changes offer convenience and draw more talented and skilled individuals and entrepreneurs to the country. 

Changes in Remote Work Visa

Some significant modifications to the UAE visa policy have also occurred in the remote work visa category. The remote work visa allows talent with remote jobs to live in the country and contribute to its economy. Professionals can now operate remotely in the country while hired by an organization headquartered outside the UAE. These changes in the remote work visa category are anticipated to attract skilled individuals looking to enjoy the quality of life and impressive infrastructure the UAE offers.

Changes in Golden Visa

The UAE has also substantially modified the Golden visa program, expanding its categories while lowering eligibility criteria. The visa validity length has been increased to ten years, and visa holders and their family members now get a six-month grace period rather than the prior three-month grace period. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are now eligible for the Golden Visa. 

An entrepreneur can receive the golden visa if their company earns at least an amount of AED 1 million yearly and is registered as an SME (Small or Medium Enterprise). So, what are you waiting for? Are you looking for assistance with a company setup in Dubai? Our professionals at  Capatt Services have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process of establishing a business in the UAE. Schedule a one-hour call with our consultants now.

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