Expat Life in Dubai
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Exploring The Challenges of Living in Dubai as an Expat

Planning to move and set up a business in IFZA, Dubai? Here are some challenges of living in the metropolis as an expat.

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April 4, 2023

Dubai is a dynamic city that offers impeccable facilities to expats. A high standard of living, access to world-class amenities, tax-free salaries, and the opportunities offered to set up businesses in IFZA make Dubai a more than viable option for people looking to move to the city. However, moving to any new city or country, let alone Dubai, can be challenging. So let’s look at some challenges that’ll help you prepare for your move. 

Culture Shock 

If you’re moving from Europe, the US, or any other western country, you’re in for a massive culture shock. The majority of the UAE’s population is Muslim, and Dubai’s culture is strongly influenced by the traditional Arab culture. That said, adjusting to living in the city is not difficult. 

Dubai, compared to other UAE cities, is a bit more relaxed. However, expats are still expected to familiarise themselves with the local customs and behaviour. Non-Muslims are not expected to follow Islamic rules but are expected to respect them. This includes being respectful in terms of dressing and alcohol consumption. 

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From the cooler weather in the Swiss Alps, Munich, and Zurich to the extreme heat in Dubai, it can be challenging for expats to adjust to the weather conditions in the city. After all, living in Dubai means living in the desert. The Dubai summer can be excruciating, especially for families. However, the availability of high-quality air conditioning makes life a little less complicated if you choose to remain indoors during the season. 

Bureaucratic Headaches

Expats should always keep in mind that moving to Dubai involves a lot of bureaucratic processes. You need licenses and permits for many things. Alcohol consumption needs a license; however, the law has been relaxed a bit recently. You’d also need a license to drive in Dubai, and as expats, you’d also need to arrange appropriate visas.  

Recently, Dubai has relaxed its trade, visas, and business rules and regulations, encouraging people to invest, live and operate a business in this modern and vibrant city. In addition, the introduction of IFZA, a business-friendly environment, and relaxed visa laws make Dubai a prime business hub in the Middle East. However, setting up a business in the region can be challenging, especially if unaware of the legal and operational processes. 

Hiring a Business Consultant in Dubai 

It is worth hiring reliable business setup consultants who can provide adequate guidance on starting your ventures in the city. If you’re looking for one, check out Capatt Services.

The company is known to provide innovative and impactful solutions to expats looking to build their businesses in Dubai. They can help with all your company setup needs and provide immaculate and personalised guidance to achieve your unique business goals. 

Book an appointment today and fulfil your dream of moving to the UAE.  

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