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Exploring The Reasons Why So Many Expats Are Choosing to Live in the UAE

Recently, there has been a rising number of expats moving to the UAE. Click here to learn the reason behind an increase in the number of expats in the UAE.

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May 12, 2023

Did you know that according to statistics, the total expat population of UAE in 2023 is 9.0 million, which is set to increase further in the next year? UAE has become a popular destination for expats due to factors like a high standard of living, tax-free income, safety, quality healthcare and education institutions, and growth opportunities. Let's further discuss these factors in detail to see why there has been a rise in the number of expats in the UAE. 

Why So Many Expats Are Choosing to Live in the UAE

High-Paying Job Opportunities

Many expats who choose to reside in the UAE do so because of the high-paid jobs available in the country. With the globe grappling with low employment rates, the UAE's growing economy has provided a safe haven for individuals searching for better job opportunities. Hence, the country has become one of the sought-after locations in the world for job seekers looking for high-paying employment opportunities in the banking, healthcare, construction, tourism, and technology sectors. 

The financial sector in the industry provides attractive opportunities for foreigners in the field. Major cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai are brimming with investment institutions, foreign banks, and other financial facilities offering exciting employment opportunities. Furthermore, the country's constantly expanding technology industry has experienced immense growth in recent years and offers excellent opportunities for expats interested in data analytics, AI, software development, and cybersecurity. Another industry that provides a wide range of employment opportunities is the country's healthcare sector. UAE is well-known for its modern medical facilities, and vacant positions are always available for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. 

Moreover, the tourism sector significantly contributes to employment opportunities in the country. Since the UAE is a prominent destination for tourists, career opportunities in the field range from tour guides to transportation officers. The construction sector also plays a significant role in contributing to the high-paying work opportunities in the country. The UAE is recognized for its architectural marvels, as the Burj Khalifa and a large expat population works on unique construction projects. There is always a need for more qualified labor and experts such as engineers, project managers, and architects in the country, which is great news for expats in the construction field looking for better jobs. 

High Standard of Living

As humans, we seek a high standard of living and constantly strive to achieve it. UAE is known to offer its residents the highest standard of living. The country is famous worldwide for its world-class educational institutions, cutting-edge infrastructure, one-of-a-kind leisure and entertainment opportunities, and advanced healthcare facilities. As a result, expatriates who relocate to the UAE can benefit from comfortable and sophisticated lifestyles with beautiful beaches, abundant housing options, and futuristic structures such as the Burj Khalifa.

Furthermore, the country has some of the most modern cities, efficient transportation systems, and well-planned urban development, all contributing to its overall appeal. Expats enjoy well-built road networks, cutting-edge public transportation, and well-kept public facilities. These advantages have encouraged more individuals to live in the UAE. A considerable proportion of the country's expats come from third-world nations or locations where there may be a shortage of facilities such as those provided by Dubai. Hence, the quality standard of living encourages these individuals to explore the option of permanently moving to the country. 

UAE Buildings During Sunset
Buildings during sunset in Dubai

Quality Healthcare and Education

The UAE is renowned worldwide for its top medical facilities and educational institutions. These attributes have put the country at the top of the list of places where expats should live if they want a better standard of living for themselves and their families. The country has invested millions of dollars in education and healthcare to ensure residents have access to the best educational opportunities and cutting-edge medical treatment. 

The country's healthcare system comprises many internationally recognized clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals run by highly qualified individuals. Additionally, all expats can rest assured that they will receive the most outstanding care in UAE whether they need specialist treatment for conditions like cancer or are going in for annual checkups. 

In terms of education, the UAE is home to some of the most renowned educational institutions, including Heriot-Watt University and the University of Birmingham. The country's schools, colleges, and universities are staffed with qualified instructors with years of experience in the field. The educational facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology of the highest caliber to provide students with the greatest learning environment possible.


Another significant factor that draws expats to the UAE is its excellent track record for providing a safe environment for its residents. The country is recognized for harsh sanctions for anybody who violates the law, allowing the authorities to keep crime rates low. Police are always present on the streets throughout the cities, and they do everything in their power to preserve law and order and prevent anyone with criminal intent from committing a crime. The country also has advanced surveillance and emergency response systems ready to tackle any emergency efficiently. 

These factors contribute to the resident's sense of security and make the country a fantastic place for expats trying to provide safe and secure environments for themselves and their families. Moreover, the UAE is also known for having a welcoming society and is filled with a diverse population. Hence, expats from different countries, religions, and cultures expect a warm welcome and fair treatment and don't have to worry about issues like discrimination or racism when living in the country. 

Bottom Line

Factors like quality healthcare and education, high-paid job opportunities, high standard of living, and safety are major reasons why expats in the UAE choose to settle down there. If you are an expat looking to live in the UAE and wish to set up your own business there, we recommend seeking advice from the consultants at Capatt Services. Our consultants are known to provide the best business set-up services in UAE and have helped many expats establish multi-million-dollar businesses in the UAE Free Zones. Interested? Contact us now for more information on our services.

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