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Exploring the Shopping Scene in Dubai

If you are coming to Dubai on a business visit and are looking for a fun shopping experience, then you are at the right place. Read on to find out more.

Published on
June 4, 2023

Shopping Options in Dubai

Dubai attracts countless visitors from around the world with its gigantic shopping malls. With so much going on in the Dubai shopping scene, it can be difficult to know where to go and which mall to visit. If you are looking to go out on a shopping spree the next time you're in Dubai, then here are some of the best places to start. 



Also known as the "Old souk," the Bur Dubai souk is renowned primarily for textiles, and although Dubai is more famous for its upscale shopping malls, a visit to this colorful market is definitely an opportunity to immerse yourself in a more traditional and atmospheric atmosphere.

The Bur Dubai souk is located in the district of the same name and consists of a series of small stores where you can find a little bit of everything: fabrics, clothes, accessories, and even tailors' stores ready to tailor clothes from newly purchased fabrics.

Jumeirah Emirates Shopping Boulevard

Also called the Emirates Towers Boulevard, it is located at Sheikh Zayed Road and is considered to be one of the most luxurious shopping experiences that Dubai has to offer If you’re a fine jewelry admirer, splurge on exquisite designs at stores such as Cartier, or stop by Lanvin for a glamorous new outfit. After some retail therapy, La Cantine du Faubourg is one of the city's most popular chic eateries for a decadent lunch or evening meal. Later, take a stroll in the 42-acre garden, complete with lakes, waterfalls and public seating.. The boulevard is flanked on both sides with outlets where you may even catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrities who frequent the mall. 

Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubbed the world's largest themed shopping mall, the Ibn Battuta Mall adds some rich Arabian culture to the shopping mix, which only adds to the experience. The mall consists of six courts, each of whose designs are inspired by some of the countries visited by the Moroccan Berber explorer, Ibn Battuta: Andalusia Court, China Court, Egypt Court, India Court, Persia Court, and Tunisia Court.In case you hadn't noticed, the central theme of the shopping mall revolves around the life and travels of the famous explorer, Ibn Battuta. 

Dubai Mall

The mall's tagline reads "Everything you desire," which is exactly what you get in one of the world's largest malls. The Dubai Mall is the go-to place if you are looking for the ultimate shopping experience the next time you visit Dubai. The mall is also home to the famous Dubai Aquarium and the famous Dubai Fountain. 

Dragon Mart

Often touted as a portal to the vibrant East, Dragon Mart offers an exciting fusion of affordability and Asian flavor, making it a truly unique shopping hub in Dubai. The mart, with its dragon-shaped structure, is the largest trading hub for Chinese products outside mainland China, embodying an enduring symbol of the strengthening relationship between the UAE and China. Modeled after the Great Wall of China, the elongated structure is a testament to the remarkable journey of the products it houses. Much like the mythical creature it's named after, Dragon Mart brings the allure and mystery of the East, and at its heart, provides an unmatched shopping experience, bridging the gap between cultures. Unravel the dragon's tail and discover an array of products, from electronics to household goods, and immerse yourself in the rich diversity that Dragon Mart has to offer.

Souks in Dubai to add to your list:

  • Gold Souk
  • Perfume Souk
  • Spice Souk
  • Textile Souk

When you've maxed out your credit card, take a stroll outside and be stricken by the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake that's right next to the mall. You can always contact Capatt Services to find out more interesting information and to get to know more about their services.

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