The Best Time to Move to Dubai as an Expat

Moving to Dubai as an expat may necessitate the confederation of several factors like the time. Read more.

May 17, 2023
The Best Time to Move to Dubai as an Expat

Do you plan on moving to Dubai to create a better future for yourself? If yes, considering factors like time is important to ensure you don't have any regrets later. We have compiled a few factors to help you determine the best time to move to Dubai as an expat.

The Best Time to Move to Dubai as an Expat 

Weather Conditions

Many overlook this factor when deciding the best time to move to Dubai to realize their shortcomings later. Dubai is known for its extreme weather since the temperatures can go up to 104°F  / 40°C in the summer months. This can be quite difficult to handle for expats coming from cooler regions. Hence, if you are not good at tolerating heat and are bringing along your children, it would be best to avoid moving from June to September and plan the move in the cooler months. If you plan on moving to Dubai in the summertime, come prepared with summer apparel and sunscreen. 

Career Opportunities

When contemplating the ideal time to move to Dubai, it is also necessary to research the job market and look at employment possibilities in the city. Research industries that match your expertise and talents and assess current employment trends in the Dubai market. The city also has several large-scale job fairs, and scheduling your relocation around them can help you increase your chances of landing a job as quickly as possible while expanding your network. 

Moving to Dubai
Moving to Dubai

Academic Calendar

Expats looking to relocate to Dubai with their families must evaluate the academic calendar to ensure their children don't miss out on educational opportunities. The school year in the city begins at the end of August and in September, so timing your relocation around the summer break is an excellent approach to ensure your children start school as soon as you arrive. It is best to explore the schools you are interested in a few months ahead and ensure you have the documentation to enroll your children in them easily.

Cost of Living

When planning your relocation, it is essential to research the cost of living and the housing alternatives available that fit within your budget. Since November through March are the busiest travel months, the cost of accommodation increases during these times. It would be better to check your accommodation options in the off-season months of May to October. The rental rates are often lower during these months, increasing your chances of securing a decent deal. 

It will be easier to budget and prepare if you research the transportation, healthcare, and utility costs and factor in other necessities to avoid financial difficulties while looking for a job after moving to Dubai. 

Bottom Line

When contemplating the best time to move to Dubai as an expat, it is important to consider factors like the cost of living, career opportunities, academic calendar, and weather conditions to ensure you move at the best time possible.

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